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When You Need Criminal Defense, You Need It Now

No matter how petty or serious the alleged crime is, an arrest or a criminal investigation can be frightening for anyone. If a law enforcement agent has confronted you or if you have received a notice that you are a person of interest in a criminal case, you have no time to waste. You should consider your legal situation urgent and get a defense lawyer on your side without delay.

I am attorney Bailey Ellis Farner, and I will gladly meet with you by phone, in my Hot Springs law office or in another location, such as the local detention center. Turn to me with trust and rightful expectations that I will address your issue with vigor and effectiveness. I want to help you seize a second chance at preserving your liberty.

Tackle Your Criminal Case Without Reservation

To protect your freedom, reputation and future, I am ready to help you devise an aggressive, no-holds-barred defense strategy after your arrest or notice of an investigation for allegations of:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • Drug possession, manufacture or distribution
  • Shoplifting, auto theft, burglary or robbery, white collar thefts or any accusations of taking what did not belong to you
  • Assault, battery, domestic violence or any violent crime

Sometimes you can help yourself right away even before we meet with your prosecutor. For example, if you were arrested for DUI or domestic assault and there are reasons to be concerned about an alcohol abuse or anger management problem, you can get started with therapy. Then, at your meeting with a prosecutor or a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) official, you can demonstrate that you are on top of the problem.

Or, if you are accused of a financial crime, you can arrange to make restitution. I will advise you of ways such as these to give your defense a boost from the start. A proactive approach may make a difference in the outcome of your criminal case. Having experienced counsel on your side is an important component of a strong defense.

I Am Here For You After An Arrest Or Accusation

The first step is always speaking to an attorney before speaking with anyone else. You must explicitly state, “I am invoking my right to an attorney, I will not answer any further questions without my counsel present. I further invoke my right to remain silent until my counsel is present.

By looking for an attorney, you are already heading in the right direction while facing criminal charges. Making an appointment for a consultation is the logical next step, and I urge you to do so in your own best interest.

To schedule a meeting with me, call 501-550-3030 or send an email inquiry. I can help you get out of the detention center and prepare for the next stage of your defense.